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Pontefract Liquorice

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This website, or at least the domain name may be for sale.  

Please send any email offer to the contact email above.

Aged Domain


This domain name has existed for an awful lot of years, and and despite having no content on for quite some time still receives hundreds of hits per day.

Existing online presence

The exact origins of liquorice growing in England are somewhat sketchy. However, By 1780 liquorice growing was concentrated almost wholly in Pontefract.

Pontefract cakes (also known as Pomfret cakes and Pomfrey cakes) are a type of small, roughly circular black sweet. measuring approximately 3/4" (2cm) wide and 1/5" (4mm) thick, made of liquorice.

Why do I mention the above? Well for many years this website held a lot of information on the subject, and because of that it attracted a lot of backlinks as people referenced the information held here. Sadly that information is lost, but the backlinks still exist, which means you don't have much to do to put this domain name back on the map.


Who would this benefit?

Otherwise known as "why by this domain?"

Let's be honest, this is a pretty niche domain name - either someone who wants to resurrect this as an information site, or someone who wishes to sell from it.

Hit me with an offer and you could have this within 24 hours.